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Enigmail is a virus / We’ll fix ’em good  §

Okay, so if you’re a Thunderbird user and you want to sign your email, you’ve probably had Enigmail recommended to you. And when you installed it and tried to use it, you were probably sad to find that it didn’t support the signing of HTML mail and would first convert all of your messages to plain text.

You were probably horrified to find that even after you un-installed Enigmail, all of your mail continued to be plain text, even if you used the composer in HTML mode.

You may have even uninstalled and then re-installed Thunderbird.

No need.

The Enigmail authors are simple **liars**. They are waging a propaganda and subversion war against HTML mail and causing Enigmail to behave like a virus (something that affects your system in a negative way and that is difficult for average users to remove) in the meantime.

But you can fight back.

Install Enigmail. Use the wizard to configure signing. Then, do these things:

1. In Thunderbird, select ‘OpenPGP’ and then ‘Preferences.’
2. Click on the ‘PGP/MIME’ tab in the dialog that appears and select ‘Always use PGP/MIME.’
3. Click ‘OK’ to save this change.
4. In Thunderbird, select ‘Edit’ and then ‘Preferences.’
5. Click on the ‘Advanced’ icon across the top of the preferences dialog.
6. Click on ‘Config Editor’ to open the advanced configuration tool.
7. In the ‘Filter’ box of the advanced configuration tool, type ‘mailnews.display.’
8. Right-click on ‘mailnews.display.html_as’ and select ‘Reset.’
9. Close the advanced configuration window and the preferences dialog.
A. Restart Thunderbird.

You will now find that your HTML messages are back, and not only that, but you can sign them as well. And you will realize that the Enigmail authors actually attempted to subvert your computer system to trick you into trafficking only in non-HTML mail for the rest of your Thunderbird days.

And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you say ‘BITE ME’ to them very loudly every time you send or display a signed HTML message.

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