Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Some minor commentary  §

about the I-House NYC kitchen/restaurant on the C floor. It is, as they claim, very convenient to have dining available in-building. I do wish, however, that it was a little more reliable. The hours are clearly stated in the residents’ handbook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, yet I can’t count how many times I have turned up near the margin (within a half an hour of the start or end of any of these) to find… no food, even though they appear to be open.

It’s annoying to have to stand around waiting until 20-30 minutes after open for them to have food ready, and it’s annoying to race back across town to try to catch them before close only to find out that there’s “nothing left” and all they can sell you is a coke.

I know that they’re trying to run a business… but at the same time, it was mandatory that we buy into this system as residents, so if they’re holding part of our food budget, it would be nice if we could have some food.

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