Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

life is complex  §

I really love New York. Sometimes at this point I forget that I haven’t lived here all my life.

Everybody I care about does not like New York / doesn’t live in New York. Furthermore, as much as I like it, I’m not sure I want to live here forever, since there are things that just don’t exist here (e.g. remote natural areas) that I also like very much.

I’m not at all clear on what is happening to me—short term, long term, medium term, for breakfast, for dinner, for kicks… I am completely taken by the glitter and twinkle of life at the moment, far too preoccupied to be sane or responsible or even aware of what is going on around me. I am continuously afraid that something is gonna hurt at some point, or that I’ll wreck this bus I’m driving. In the meantime, everything is too good to be true, caught and illuminated for a moment by a ray of bright sunshine.

This is a recipe for suddenly waking up in a strange place and time. You know, like the Talking Heads song.

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