Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

from time to time…  §

…things come out of your mouth that you didn’t expect to necessarily come out of your mouth (although often you aren’t necessarily surprised by them either)… and then you are left to reconcile the disparate threads of reality back into some sort of coherent whole once again—the words that you didn’t know you’d say but realize you meant, and the threads of thought that you expected to have instead, and the situation at hand that didn’t suggest for a moment that you were thinking one thing and not the other, and the various necessary expediences to prevent the situation from turning into something else altogether.

Truth is one of those things that turns up uninvited from behind and hits you, closed fist, on the jaw in front of everyone. And you’re not sure whether it’s edifying, troubling, embarassing, or motivating. All you’re sure of is that it is.

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