Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

ohboy ohboy  §

So here’s the thing… I’ve just realized that I can make blog posts from my mobile phone now. So… it’s likely going forward that the stream of posts will be endless, provided that this first attempt at a phone post works out.

I fly back to NYC in just a few short hours now. I feel so fscking liminal right now it’s ridiculous. But, as a good friend recently told me, I should be happy—I’m going home.

We’ll see. Hopefully that’s how I feel when I get there. (And for some time afterward as well, seeing as how I’m reasonably committed to staying there for several years.)

The flight, at least (I just found out), will be nonstop this time. 6.00 tomorrow morning I should be hoppin’ the airtrain. 10.00 I should be sitting on 26th street… at work.

It’s hard to decide anymore when I’m going ‘back’ to normal life. that, I suppose, is the real project these days: to try to build one to go ‘back’ to.

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