Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Early morning  §

Many residents of the present maintain a teleological orientation toward history. The past was always horrible, tyrannical, oppressive, and to say otherwise is to condone its tyrants. The future is always a space of improvement and to say otherwise is to fail to sufficiently act in the service of such improvement. The present is sandwiched between them as the unaccusable failure. The notion that nobody in the past was ever happy or that nobody in the future will be anything but emancipated proceeds from the marketplace of politics, which claims to seek emancipation for its constituents, but which actually administers domination for its patrons, also residents of the present—albeit ones with a completely different orientation.

Yellow pants. Early morning. Rain on window.

People leaving. This notion haunts me and will probably haunt me until the end of life. This is the modern phenomenon that explodes sociality and belonging.

Gotta start th’ day off rite.

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