Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Okay, that’s it  §

The world is too complicated and everything is too inescapable. Beh. Meh. Blah. I’m gonna go and see a film tonight. Then, later, I’m gonna resurrect the Newton and start using it instead of the laptop sometimes. Also, I’m gonna drink some Pernod, which has been flowing into me all day like The Force.

If Durkheim or Weber come looking for me, tell them I’ve moved to Scotland. If anyone else comes looking for me hide me under a blanket, sit on me, and tell them that nobody’s come along matching my description so long as you’ve been sitting there.

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking the 1-train, which is sometimes fast enough to outrun the past, but very iffy on weekends. If nothing else, I’ll fondle the hell out of those giant statues in the Time Warner center.


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