Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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So here’s the thing:

It’s 12.45 am and you just got to the subway platform. You have to go 80+ blocks on the train, but it is running sporadically and on altered routes because of track maintenance and this giant thing called a “vakutrak” that seems to be little more than a ridiculously massive vacuum cleaner for heavy rail tracks capable of only a slight crawl through the tunnel.

Do you:

– Take a cab all the way home even though pennies are everything rite now
– Wait billions of years for the “vakutrak” to evolve into a proper train that you can ride
– Get on the 2-train, wait while it crawls, then disembark at 96th and walk 30 blocks

We chose the third option, but we think the first might have been the most sensible and the second might have been faster. As it is it’s taken some time (nearly two hours I suppose) to travel the length of Manhattan. That’s hardcore.

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