Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Dammit  §

I hate forgetting things. Oh well.


– Complete and submit the pile of various applications
– Email the assistant Dean (or whomever NSSRAA says to email)
– Work a little on my idea about marketplace poetics
– Buy an envelope at the drugstore for gear for sisters
– Begin Adorno paper, try like hell to make it better than Benjamin paper
– Try to make a diagrammatic map of my time for the rest of the semester
– Try to get on top of non-class papers/academic productivity in general
– Deal with the FAFSA thing for next year if possible
– Try to start imagining taxes
– Have a drink in honor of those recently born


– Send Alamy submission, check, gear for sisters, DVD (oops)
– Try to actually read some, because that sort of matters
– Laundry, hopefully
– Maybe shop online for some new threads (just a few)
– Sleep or something, hahahaha

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