Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Mittenacht mit Sake  §

Haven’t posted in a while. I don’t quite know how things are rolling along. I do know that I don’t feel quite as articulate as I have throughout most of my life, but I think this comes down to several factors:

– Task and situation overload
– Lack of sleep in general
– Crap diet (hahahaha true)
– Being so happy I’m stupid

Life does at the same time retain a certain characteristic complexity so I’m not sure that the present milieu is destined to last, but for the moment that’s where things are. And the blog posts… well, they come in waves. They’re like the tide, they go out and come in.

Was just talking to my bro who is on a train from the bottom of the known Earth to the top of it, or, more accurately, from Disney to Portland. I myself have a very limited experience with train rides, most of it having been accumulated when I was very young. On the whole I have a kind of wistful, friendly envy of the situation. It sounds like a wonderful sort of trip to take with your daughter.

All these years and I still can’t bring myself to like Sake.

I really actually don’t have anything to say, clearly. Therefore, I’ll go to bed, since I have to get up in a few (very) short hours to go to work. Mazal Tov.

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