Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I was already dubious  §

about the supposed “left” in this country, but the Don Imus thing has made me lose faith in it, and the so-called “netroots,” entirely.

There is no left in this country. Those that claim the title are every bit like those on the right: tribal, unsophisticated, reactionary, capitalist tending toward fascist, and above all bound to an evangelical morality that seeks to find demons and their victims everywhere in order to be seen fighting the former and saving the arduously constructed latter, that they might earn their salvation, or at least the regard of their similarly-aligned peers.

They are identical in consciousness and method to the extreme right that they oppose, but it is not the mythofascist sensibility that leads to their opposition, it’s merely the worship of slightly different gods (race and gender uncategoribility instead of a facile Christian morality).

In short, Americans are fascists with a tendency to a certain moralistic whorism, even (and sometimes I think especially) the so-called progressive opposition. Don’t trust us, just steer clear of the continent, lest ye be either infantalized or crucified even as you are most certainly exploited.

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