Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It’s not that I’m really in a bad mood  §

or angry or anything. It’s more that today I am just weary, losing patience with everything. It all seems to require an immense amount of effort and concentration and humor. Sometimes I just want it all, everything, to be my way, and while I fully realize that I can’t simply dismissively demand this of everyone with any expectation of getting it, I am sometimes tempted to try.

Or it may be that I’m tempted to try not because I actually want anything, but rather because I want to be turned down for everything in the world so that I can make accusations without having to suffer the indignity of their being baseless.

Okay, maybe I am just in a bad mood. God, I don’t know. And weary, too. How’s that?

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