Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Cycles  §

My life has a definite pattern.

In general, people don’t take me seriously. They don’t bother with me much, and they don’t give me much credit. They make it their business to work on or with projects or people other than me and they seem to view me with a kind of self-righteous or dismissive smirk.

And so I keep working on my shit in silence while people are either dismissive or disparaging toward me.

Then I do something (like publish a book or get a degree or God only knows) or people find out about some such thing that I did, and they’re incredulous. “You?” seems to go the question. “I’d never have believed it!”

The strange thing is that even people who know what I’ve done thus far tend to be shocked to see me do anything further. Is it the jeans? Is it the fact that I’m not a “Type A” personality? What exactly is it that gives people the impression that I’m not to be taken seriously?

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