Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I am well beyond  §

anything that can be called grumpy or exhausted. I am just beaten. That’s all, fucking beaten and apathetic, not by tendency but by long, hard exposure. The world in general can fucking go to hell tonight. In fact if it bothers me, I might even help it on its way.

There are things to say but I won’t say them. The most important part of growing up is conceding. You cannot be mature (read: well socialized) and have a self. You simply can’t. The task of young adulthood, therefore, is to sacrifice the self, and in so doing, to please the gods and become one with the social universe.

Don’t think. You should know better by now. My God, just clear your head of thoughts and walk. So many things to say. No place where one will ever, ever be able to say them. 🙁

So many people have had so many things to say about me over the years… one just has to keep walking so as not to end up under its weight. Not running, just walking, so that the way can be shared by anyone who doesn’t hold such feelings and wants to come along.

The older I get, the more I am myself. I have seen so many things in life I doubt I can be surprised. I have been so many places I doubt I can go on vacation. I am so world weary I can start a punk band all by myself and it’ll break up in ten minutes due to conflicting artistic visions. This is such a pose I can wear it like a fashion model. So what? Who wants to argue?

Well? Well?!

Sometimes I think that all of everything was written on the inside of that Talking Heads album jacket. Or on the warning label of a pack of cigarettes.

There are signs about mice here tonight. Good thing I’m moving.

I am too old and too young for every fucking thing there is.

I am not getting much reading done. 🙁

Too many memories. One of the things I want most from life is the ability to forget.

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