Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

unpack it  §

Okay, so it’s time for self-analysis because I’m feeling just a bit ungrounded. Inventory:

– Just moved into new temporary quarters
– Have no idea where I will live in fall
– Have unfinished papers and am operating on extension time
– Am not getting paid at work and they don’t know when they can pay
– Don’t know how I will pay for everything in life
– Don’t know about significant other’s visa
– Am waiting on my own passport
– Am totally outside of any routine

No wonder I’m a bit off; there is very little for me to grab hold of right now, objectively. I’m absolutely in a state of transition or indefiniteness in most ways, and there is no known end in sight.

I think that in addition to this, I’m not able to easily study in familiar environments. The less familiar an environment is, the more businesslike and productive I’m able to be. I feel as though right now what I’d like best—maybe more than anything—would be to be able to work sitting in the passenger area of an airport. I feel as though then I’d be getting something done.

Also, I haven’t been blogging nearly enough. This this is the tap of my ideas. If it’s running, the ideas are flowing. If it stops, so do the words for everything in my life. Gotta keep blogging. Gotta blog twice as much, even if it’s banal—like now.