Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Red horizon, white time  §

Right now I feel very compressed, as though I am at the crest of a wave of activity and expectation that has been building all year. I don’t expect the wave to break until July. I will be riding it at its apex, therefore, for some time.

Surf’s up, I suppose. I hope I can swim.

Of all times and places in the world I think I am most at ease standing on a busy street corner in an urban area.

I like pizza an awful lot.

Began today with a whole bunch of photos. It was good because it reminded me that there is a world out there somewhere, still.

I have been quitee tense lately, I think.

I would like to be able to spend a day on a lake or out to sea. I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon or in ways that I would enjoy. For example, it would mean having to ride in someone else’s boat (since I don’t have one) and that would put me ill at ease.

But dammit all if I don’t wish I was out there right now floating.

Okay, this thought really makes me want seafood. Once in a small coastal town when on a road trip with my bro’ we stopped in at a random shantybar and had random American-style seafood and a beer. I remember there was a guy hosing what seemed to be the entire town down outside.

Good memories.

The world can be dominated but it cannot be convinced. This is the lament of the blind and of the martyr alike.

Underneath it all lies the body of our recollection, in repose, a hedge against the void.

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