Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Running out  §

of energy. Today seems to be stretching long. I don’t suppose tomorrow will be any different. This “class every day” thing, in combination with work, leads to a very definite, all-encompassing sort of routine that commands nearly all of my time from waking through the moment I fall back asleep again.

I miss my girlfriend. Today is been a bit much and I don’t quite know how to tie it up without her. Maybe I will finish by reading on the subway on the way home. Right now that sounds tremendously good to me. Actually, right now I would give rather a lot to be laying on the beach. An uncrowded beach, that is. But a beach nonetheless.

I just realized I still haven’t ever let the old department (at Chicago) know where I ended up or what I’m doing. Funny, that.

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