Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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So I’m going back to I-House for the first time since I moved to collect some mail that’s apparently arrived for me. It feels weird to even think about going back there… it’s such a different place, a different lifestyle with ultimately very different purposes. When I was leaving I-House, I wondered whether I would miss living that way. Now a few short months lter I almost feel as if I wonder how I did it.

I haven’t been into “the office” yet this week. In my cornucopia of jobs, this one has clearly fallen to last place in terms of importance and focus. It’s a kind of object lesson in why fostering good employee morale is key to success in any institution.

It’s raining off and on today and the leaves are everywhere, filling the streets in their annual migration into memory. This city is absolutely magic. Good day or bad day, up on luck or down, there is something about this place that makes one feel awake and alive, not simply boredly and absent-mindedlydreaming, like life so often feels in other places.

Time these days is flying.

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