Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I don’t quite know  §

what I’m posting or what I want to say. I guess I’m just typing to be communicating. I’ve been reading McLuhan all night because I’m supposed to say something about him to a class full of people on Tuesday. Honestly I think his one correct point is fairly simple and the rest is nonsense from a drug-stricken consciousness, so why bother?

I don’t know.

It has been a trying day and an exercise in trying to understand enunciative action, which has a unique power all its own.

There are friends that I really miss but that I have lost contact with and no have no idea how to reach.

My personality may not work well in the context of interpersonal interaction. I tend to acquiesce right up until I reach my tolerance threshold, and then I absolutely dominate. There is no in between. This is the model represented by my father: try to be understanding, don’t rock the boat, let things happen, gently discuss at most… and then once things reach a kind of climax of criticality, take the bull by the horns and murder it and re-establish sovereignty.

This is not something that I think people are accustomed to dealing with in the West. The impulse toward harmony can only work if it is shared; the dialogical impulse functions in a similar way.

I used to be a writer. Now I am an academic.

The world can be a very lonely place, despite it all.

Interpersonal relationships are the bane of modern man. We are designed to interact, but under much different circumstances in which relatedness is a critical facet of survival and thus implies its own reward.

Now it is a kind of luxury or even a commity-like good; we can take it or leave it; it has to be a good deal; one applies to it a cost-benefit analysis.

Not good.

Memory does not exist; it’s a fable.

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