Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Double exhaustion.  §

My theoretical mind has given way to afterthoughts of sauerkraut. There is nothing I can to do be smarter, which is a problem, because I am not nearly smart enough at the moment.

Also, I need more organizational skills. (But don’t nobody tell me I need more organizational skills because that will send me clean over the edge once and for all like Niagara falls on a ten cent postcard.)

Had a housewarming party on Friday. I have never thrown a party in my life and this was no exception; I have my fiancé to thank for making it such a memorable night. She invited a damn busload of people and they all came and it was very, very nice and very, very exhausting. Then we slept in until almost noon on Saturday and then had a vet visit.

For those of you who aren’t keeping up, sleeping all Saturday is a very bad thing to do if you are really busy. But it was so damn nice to see the house full of happy, smiling friends that I can’t even be bothered to regret sleeping half of Saturday.

It’s just been a damn nice weekend and I’m almost sorry to see it go.

Today I have had some difficulty getting started on the paper that’s due on Thursday. The thing is that I’m having trouble writing something that doesn’t match in any way any of the theoretical perspectives from which I typically operate (to put it mildly). I will be waking up tomorrow and typing all day at a maniacal pace in partial stuporificity to try and make it work.

We’ll see. I hope I can do it. :-/

The past is a funny thing, it takes on the sense of something that never was, or that was ice ages ago rather than months or years ago.

I don’t know. It’s late and this is nonsense and I have a warm bed to get to.

I am a happy man. Dammit, I am a happy man. 🙂

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