Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

We are up to our ears  §

in subprime at work. We have been for months now. This financial crisis has been growing and not only do we watch it every day, we ingest it, play with it, make friends with it, know it inside and out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I suspect we are going to have a wee depression. Times will be very tough. Things in the world markets are very bad and for some time now every story out of the financial press is the same. The basic question is not if, but when.

When is it all going to collapse?

Some days I sit here and feel like a dead man walking in relation to the economy. I wonder if we are all, as middle class people, going to be like corpses: stuck in exactly the position we were in when it happened, unable to move, unable to grow, in a state of total powerlessness, with no options left, having lost.

I suspect we are going to have a wee depression. Or at least a very, very big recession.

Buy what you need now, because it’s gonna get way more expensive over the next ten years, while your wages don’t get any higher at all—in fact, you’ll be thanking the stars if you can hang onto the job you’ve got at the wages you currently earn.

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