Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Holiday over :-/  §

Our Christmas was, in a word, lovely. I couldn’t have imagined beforehand just how simple, quiet, and amazing a Christmastime can be, but now that it’s passing (or even has passed) into history, it will live in memory as one of my favorite holiday seasons ever. It has been good for the soul, good for what ailed us.

Downside is that all of that holiday junk food is making me feel both sluggish and heavy. I guess it’s time to get back to a nice, healthy diet and regular routine. Nothing like the basics to clear out a head full of hazy lazy holiday niceness.

New year, new computer. I’ve just finished (well, “finished” being a relative term) setting up the replacement for the Thinkpad T30 that fell victim to the infamous memory socket design flaw beyond my ability to save it.

I’ve gone with a Toshiba Portege 3500. That’s right, one of those subnotebook “tablet PC” systems with a single, multidirectional hinge in the center of the bottom edge of the display. My first impressions are that it’s fragile. I don’t know if this thing is going to hold up. It just gives off the air of something that wanted to be designed a little more ruggedly, though I suppose if that had happened it’s raison d’etre would have dissipated into air.

But nonetheless, I fully expect this thing to get loose and creaky really damn soon. The display is already a bit floppy (it came very floppy but I opened it up first thing and tightened the hinges). It’s very cute, but I just don’t know if it’ll hold up through dozens of pages of typing and a few trips to the school in a backpack, much less hundreds of pages of typing and multiple daily subway trips for months on end. It seems more gadget and less workhorse than I’m used to, even though it is very cool to have a Wacom digitizer on your screen and the ability to use it like a slate-shaped webpad.

Everything works in Linux except screen rotation thus far. Even the pressure-sensitive input on the digitizer. We’ll see about rotation later, depending on how often and how much I feel like I want to use this thing in tablet mode.

We are grappling with governments or even entire nations these days. We have done the socially unthinkable and violated borders in the most fundamental of ways, creating family ties across culture, language, ocean, and nationality. The world is still only partially ready for this at best, and very suspicious of it to boot, as is evidenced by the thousands of dollars in fees, hundreds of forms to be submitted and processed in locations on both continents, and months and months of tense waiting time that are involved.

The feeling exuded by “the system” as you stand before it is that transnationality is a kind of terrorist plot. I suppose that with respect to a ruling ideology it really rather is. But that is where we are and what we have chosen.

It’s a slow, gray, dark day in New York… the kind of day that seems appropriate to follow Christmas. Nothing moves, nothing starts, nothing can happen. It’s as though the day itself structurally precludes event-ness to give us all some time to rest.

Now we await all of those holidays that are to come. 😉

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