Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

All of the problems in history  §

have been brought about by the belief on the part of individuals that make up a population that the solution to problems is to be found in the evaluation and development of systems that they believe somehow to be external to the population. To identify and establish the best system is to end suffering.

This search for and admiration of systems is a distraction that always leads to tyranny. All systems serve merely to enhance and intensify the dynamics of density: limits to resource allocation and conflicts arising from agency when multiple individuals must share the same space.

There is one solution: sacrifice. Limits to personal aspiration. Of course we will never do this to ourselves, so systems—we like to think they are of our own design, but of course at the end nature herself remains the transcendental system for which there is no negator or escape—will do it for us. And then we all complain.

This is the stuff of history, and will always be, until we destroy ourselves.

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