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No Country for Old Men  §

I found myself reading the reviews again this morning after it cleaned up at the Oscars and was struck by the degree to which people outside the U.S. don’t like it. Most often, they tend to find it unbelievable, senseless, the characters having no motives and thus no resonance; they are just dark and senseless, such reviewers say, and as such they don’t hold up because the veneer of reality wears away quickly.

My constant thought on reading such reviews: such writers know nothing of America. Maybe it’s another film that can only really be understood by American audiences for what it is: a reflection of our very soul.

Strange that such reviewers can bemoan shallow posturing and senseless, amoral, indiscriminate, and pathological violence in economic self-interest in a film… without drawing the parallel to actual American behavior in, say, Iraq—to use but one recent example.

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