Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I really, really, really  §

cannot stand west coasters. People from California in particular who know everything and believe themselves to be saved. In fact, I am not sure I like anyone who believes themselves to be saved, west, east, north, or south.

But there is no greater cesspool of wrong-headed, won’t-mind-their-own-business know-it-allsists to be found anywhere on earth than in Los Angeles and southern California.

Not only are they idiots—they are idiots that engage in “activistics” to try to impose their unconsidered idiocy on everyone else on the planet. Hopefully that long-prophesied day on which Los Angeles sinks into the ocean won’t be too long in coming.

In fact, we could stand to lose the either west coast and the entirety of the south.

Bin Laden, if you’re listening…

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