Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It is getting difficult…  §

…to keep a good attitude. 2008 has been the year of bad news for us. Bad news. More bad news. Closed windows. Closed doors. Things breaking. Things malfunctioning and at the worst possible times. It puts a strain on people. It makes us grumpy as individuals—tough to be around. It is hard.

If you do things too fast, you accumulate problems—perhaps more quickly than you can outrun them. If you do things more slowly, you risk losing the opportunity to do them at all… you risk losing the moment.

The trick, I suppose is to try to pick moments of inflection, to identify them correctly and to seize upon them—and to limit the number of inflection points that you attempt to ride at once. Try to ride too many and you risk standing astride rapidly separating saddles, rapidly diverging platforms.

What happens now? I don’t know. I don’t know.

I feel like things can’t keep up like this. Of course, a statement like that can mean two things:

(1) We don’t believe that things will continue to be this difficult, i.e. we believe that eventually all strings of bad luck must give way to good luck.

(2) We don’t believe that we can continue to manage successfully if bad luck continues to mount.

We keep waiting optimistically on the basis of (1), but the bad luck continues, surprise after surprise, prying open previously crossed fingers. (2) is too troubling to contemplate.

I suppose this is a post about “life stress.”

May there be less of it in the future.

But somehow I’m not holding my breath, I’ve always been told it just gets more and more complicated the more you live.

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