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To the American taxpayer:  §

I was going to make a long post about political economy but you’re too stupid to understand it. So I’ll just say:

The financial crisis is your fault.
You embraced “free markets,” hated “socialists,” and voted that way.
Free markets are unregulated markets.
Unregulated markets offer huge profit potential, yes.
Unregulated markets also:
  -let the strong trap the weak in exploitation games
  -protect the strong when collapse destroys the weak
You wanted things.
Banks lent you money you didn’t yet have.
You wanted high returns for your 401(k) and mutual funds.
Corporate America bent over backward to compete for your investment dollars:
  -by taking more risk so you wouldn’t invest in the other guy who was
  -by minimizing “idle” (safe) money that makes no money

You wanted all your money generating the highest returns possible in a deregulated environment and you voted that way and invested that way and said “Don’t legislate against risk; let me put my money where I want; let everyone take personal responsibility.”

Of course, now that you are actually going to lose your shirt, your dollars, all that money that you wanted invested for high returns in a deregulated environment that you wanted, all you filthy “anti-socialist” “personal responsibility” geeks are crying like babies and demanding that the government help “Main street.”

You petulant crybabies. Let us never hear you whine about “personal responsibility” again, because you sure as hell don’t want to take it.

These losses are yours.
This economic crises is yours.
It belongs to your capitalistic wet dream.
So wallow in it.

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