Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Efforts to construct reality  §

in metaphoricity to various corresponding ethical or moral constructions are neither rare nor novel. Yet few, if any succeed, and most are, at best, hapless, naive, incompetent.

Ours is and has always been a world of supermen, of the highly functional, of the better-than, of the awe-inspiring. The commoner is unable, unwilling, incapable, no matter how many meetings, committees, outlines, organizational regimes, reflective tropes are articulated and developed. The mediocre can, contrary to conventional wisdom, never become anything more than the sum of their mediocre constituent elements.

The supermen generate, venerate, inspire, and construct. The rest imitate, approximate, wander, and obstruct. This has always been the way. This will always be the way. Some of the hapless idiots no doubt rise, no doubt float, without question achieve some status or other, but they do not remain at any apex, nor are they remembered as having achieved any. They are quickly forgotten because they fall quickly back to a muddy, musty earth—a failure that they themselves fail to foresee even as its corona veritably burns the skin of the superman well in advance of his/her coronal traversal.

Gibberish? Perhaps. But some of us keep succeeding where and when others do not. Some of us not only see others fail but succeed in their stead, often when conventional wisdom has already made light of the possibility of avoiding failure.

Circumstance accounts for much, and no man is ever guaranteed his success, but there are those for whom advantage is inbuilt: the advantage of a fundamental supremacy that eugenics never could determine, even in its heyday. For those who doubt the existence of the soul, the locus of such differentiation remains in question, but such wonder in no way complicates or reduces the palpability of the disparity.

Some are better. We are them.

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