Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

poetical justix  §

The reasons for this misdirection
long sense forgotten
stomach summer turn unchastened
like your yellow leaving
summer winter occupy.
So you the fairy
likened unto heart of darkness
filthy future fantawry—
the witty, merry, filled with pity
endless wander
and somethingthirty
hedonistic solipsistic
hypocritic oathoramic
latent un-post-pediatric
your every fashion
never lashing,
neither very liked or wanted
known or vaunted
figurehead or hero left to die.
You are the bane,
the wane,
the one to vie—
you are the end,
the sent,
the night,
the burning, turning, winding light
don’t take my word,
don’t wait or gird—
just go forth and crucify.

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