Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

One of the difficulties that the human  §

species faces is the fact that it vastly overestimates the systemic-computational facilities of its individual members—i.e., it thinks that people are smarter than they are, that they can “think for themselves” on the one hand and “understand the consequences of their actions” on the other.

In truth, few, if any humans can do either. Some of the highest I.Q. individuals I’ve ever met have had immense difficulty thinking or understanding systemically or in multi-stage/multi-interdependency process-comprehensive terms, so much so that they fight aggressively for positions that (it will only be clear to them much, much later, and even then they won’t see the genealogical relationship between my position on a previous occasion and theirs at some later one) are ultimately unjustifiable, paradoxical, or tautological.

The fact that even with retrospective explication and archaeology they can’t be helped to grasp or understand the multiple nexus of causality that the genealogy ultimately comprises—or would do, if they were able to grasp it—shows just how helpless human kind is in the face of our massive and ruthlessly manyfaceted universe and the forces that constitute it.

Our only hope, basically, is cyborgism and “enhanced thought” technologies. Computers and networks are a first, incredibly primitive step, but they have to be brought into the centrality of consciousness (rather than made to work as its deaf, dumb appendages) before they will help us to transcend the limits of our unsophisticated conscious thought processes.

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