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Leapdragon 2010  §

So here it is. I’m not linking to it yet and it’s barely more than a skeleton at this point, but it’s official. This will be Leapdragon 2010.

For the first time ever, I’ve done what I always swore I wouldn’t and switched over to a database-driven CMS, namely Drupal. Why did I always refuse? I don’t know. The love of plain text files that can be grepped and awked about with basic Unix tools. Greymatter was ideal for me in that regard.

So why switch now? Because I’ve grown fond of Drupal and because I can’t be bothered with anything that requires more work than that. I’m moving on in life, I suppose.

I have bigger and flashier (or maybe just different) things to worry about than cooking up the perfectly idiosyncratic webhome. I need something quick, dirty, and scalable that I can develop in a couple hours, not a couple weeks, and that will more or less take care of itself.

Anyway, welcome to 2010.

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