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Hard times all around  §

So we started the semester with ample courses between us, but by the time the first week of class at the first institution is over, three of them have been canceled due to low enrollment.

Not cool. I guess the students’ families are experiencing tough times, which means the students are experiencing tough times, which means the schools are experiencing tough times, which in turn means that we’re next in line for tough times if we’re not careful.

It’s not becoming to talk publicly about figures in our silly culture, but the loss of three courses between us represents a lot of missing dough from this year.

It would be nice if after all of these eleventy seven not-so-amazingly-cool things that have recently happened, some amazingly cool thing could also happen and actually stay happened. It would make things oh-so-much brighter.

There is a lot to be done in a very short amount of time.

Technology, after all of this time, still makes me feel better. Some people have food addiction. I have technology addiction. As silly as this seems, looking at this new instance of the blog as I simultaneously appreciate the beauty of light-hinted subpixel rendering on a very high density LCD as I also simultaneously remember the days when color LCDs were “things of the future” and a long way off… is raising my spirits.

HTML and CSS that validates raises my spirits.

Reading LKML raises my spirits.

Running a second monitor on the left in Xinerama mode raises my spirits.

But there’s no time for that.

I wonder if I’d be much more productive if every type of work and application in the world—paper writing, photo processing, grading, teaching—had a blog form interface.


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