Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Open seas  §

There are those who would say that I’m not much of a man.

That’s fine. I never wanted to be a man. Men are weak. They are either losers or not-yet-losers, either hated by women or not-yet-hated by women, either dead or not-yet-dead.

I spent my whole life wanting to be a pirate, wanting to pillage and to plunder. Wanting to fight and to smell. There is no joy in being a man. There is precious little joy in being a pirate, but there is just a little, at least—every time you run someone through in your life, up until, of course, you are run through yourself.

The blue LEDs use electricity each time they flash. Everything uses electricity these days. Mankind should never have invented electricity. Electricity is the root of all evil.

We are meant to be animals.

Animals we should have stayed. Just look where we are now. Animals remain blissfully ignorant and at the same time noble, worthy. We on the other hand are infuriatingly holier-than-thou, completely unworthy, and immensely, disastrously, despairingly unhappy as a species, a radical mistake.

DO NOT SEE Revolutionary Road.

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