Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Hurtling downward  §

We have officially been “affected” by the economic “downturn.”

Last year at this time our combined gross income was in six figures. This year we are wondering what exactly is going to happen to us.

Another course cancellation. Between us, in a year, we have lost two full-time jobs and six courses canceled due to low enrollment. We are dazed and confused but we have very little time to try to come to; we have to do something or we won’t just be “affected,” but rather much, much worse.

Meanwhile, jobs are evaporating from our economy at a ridiculous pace, and there is crazy competition for what’s left. Thanks, Bush. Thanks, all you assholes that voted for Bush. Thanks supply-siders and invisible-handers. You did this to all of us. Hope you’re happy.

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