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Little laptop wonder  §

So I’m posting this from an NEC MobilePro 900 that I’ve just upgraded to Windows CE.NET 4.2, a nice ersion of embedded windows that contains Pocket Internet Explorer 6.0 rather than the previous (often usless) versions.

Along with the USB Clik! driver and the Orinoco wirless network driver, plus a 512MB CompactFlash card, this thing is essentially a little mini-laptop weighing in at a pound or so, about the size of a Zagat guide (or a couple of checkbooks stacked on top of each other, for those of you not in New York).

It’s actually pretty damn cool. Only drawback: still a DSTN screen, no active matrix here. That makes it much less “lookable” than the nice active matrix screens on “real” laptops, but the trade-off is that you get a half of day of battery life or more in the exchange.

Combined with SoftMaker Office, it’s basically about as much as a person needs to carry these days to completely compute.

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