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Just to have it out there,  §

the United States Postal Service is third-world in its reliability.

I have this tracking number from a shipper within ten miles of my home that shipped an item out last weekend, and it took until today for a delivery attempt to occur and be recorded in the tracking system. Three business days for their first delivery “attempt” only ten miles away. But that’s not all.

There was, in fact, no actual “attempt” to deliver at all. The tracking system says that just after 2:00 in the afternoon today, a postal worker attempted to deliver a package to us and we weren’t home, so a notice was left in our box.

We were here. We saw the guy. He didn’t attempt to deliver shit. And he didn’t leave a notice. Our mail people don’t deliver anything in this neighborhood. They walk on by. We saw him out the window today and actually had a conversation about it, wondering if he had something for us, finally, this crazy package that takes three days to come ten miles. But as happens probably 80 percent of the time these days, he didn’t even come in the building, much less try to buzz us.

So as I said, shortly thereafter the tracking system is updated to tell us “notice left,” but that’s also a lie. We don’t get any such notices. The tracking system will show “notice left” again tomorrow and again Friday (a total of three attempts) and on Saturday morning we will know from experience, without ever having received a notice, that have three hours to go to the local office and demand our package, no notice in hand, about which they will hassle us, claiming that if there really was a package for us, we’d have received at least one pink notice. We will make a series of threats and get into a verbal fight with the office staff and finally someone will check and whaddyaknow, there really will be a package for us, lucky we came by, it would have been returned to sender or liquidated if we’d waited.

This has been the state of affairs for a year or so.

We’ve complained and been told by the manager of the Long Island City post office that they know there’s a “problem” with “some carriers” not delivering mail, and they’re “working to resolve it.”

Well it’s been a year and we still have guys just not bothering to deliver mail to us. They stroll through the neighborhood like it’s a Sunday afternoon walk, then report that nothing could be delivered and at the end of the week everything is sent back. They don’t knock. They don’t buzz. They don’t leave notices. They just blow it off.

And we only can see this happening when we have something that was sent with delivery confirmation (as we do this week) so that we have a tracking number and are expecting it.

If someone sends us a package that we don’t expect via USPS and that we don’t have a tracking number for, it will never reach us and it will disappear into the void.

So, everyone: please don’t send us anything via the United States Postal Service, because we won’t receive it. The national mail here in America is simply not safe or reliable. Please use a company like Federal Express or United Parcel Service instead.

This is what comes of governance by fucking Republicans who foster a fucking cutthroat free market ideology suggesting that all public services should be drowned in a bathtub.

Can you tell I’d like to get my mail sometimes?

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