Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Just thinking  §

that this is the longest I’ve had a laptop in years without it fizzling out on me. Now I have replaced a bunch of stuff—two fans, processor, keyboard (twice), screen hinge, hard drive (four times) and the heat sink goo a couple of times, most recently with arctic silver to see if we couldn’t reduce segmentation faults—but still, it’s here and it’s working and I haven’t replaced it in what seems like an eternity (but is actually about two years, I suppose).

Still, the last time I had a single laptop for two years it was an AST PowerExec 386 machine, predating laptops with color displays and CD-ROM drives, and being super high-tech in its time for having a built-in hard drive, rather than being purely a floppy disk affair.

So: nice job, Toshiba, on the M200 tablet. Hanging in there, no cold solder joints, no failing inverter or display pixels/lines, etc. And with a 1400×1050 display, integrated Nvidia GeForce 5, a gig of RAM, and a very fast Pentium M processor (for its time), it still plays lots of great games and has a lot of life left in it for an only $250 outlay a couple years ago.

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