Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The question is largely a matter of  §

what one becomes accustomed to. As for me, myself, personally (to quote the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland of which I remain very fond to this day despite no longer owning a copy), it is clear that I have become accustomed to the wrong things and, lacking the necessary rage and instability to randomly fluctuate into productivity any longer, repeat them ad infinitum without meaning to.

It is high time that I become accustomed to something else. In order to do this, I will have to engage in a concerted effort to shift work habits toward the prolific. Perhaps it can be done, perhaps it can’t.

That remains to be seen.

Earlier tonight I was thinking of posting (because, naturally, I was thinking) that I have never been capable of moderation in anything in my life. I am inevitably all or nothing; I see the world as an all or nothing world; I prefer to traffic in all or nothing, always being frustrated and dissatisfied with the (literal) indiscretion of half-measures.

It is, upon reflection now, something that could be turned to my advantage.

The trick, it would seem, is to spark the “all” to replace, for the moment, the “nothing,” and in the long term to develop a habit of doing this repeatedly.

But of course at the moment it is neither clear how that might happen nor convenient to begin trying.

Perhaps tomorrow…

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