Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Cadences  §

Q. When is it time?

A. Forever and always.

Q. Why is it time?

A. Because it’s not not.

Q. How is it time?

A. In bursts and withers, wilds and ways.

Q. Where is it time?

A. Behind the walls of happening; inside the wells of shattering.

Q. What is time?

A. The driver of death, the pathway of pity, the road of remembrance, the sorrow of circumstance.

I, like others, am convicted by my sins against myself, and others, which are, as a kind of shorthand, everything I’ve ever done in the world and outside of it, as well as my mention of it.

Those who die today are one seven billionth of the humanity of their time. By 2050 they will be one nine billionth and getting smaller.

The dead are disappearing; history itself is becoming a field, a space of thermodynamics rather than a set of particles. At length we will outrun the simulations, or the universe’s ability to contain the simulations.

Or, we will disappear altogether, and suddenly the dead will achieve a new immortality, having stepped from the shadows of the infinitesimal into he shadows of the finite, and therefore, scare and singular.

When humanity dies out, the dead achieve, after long suffering, their Hadean estates for the first time since the dawn of man.

No, not woman.

Dash it all.

Dash it all.

Dash it all.

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