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The older I get,  §

the more paternalistic I get in my feelings about women.

Yeah, women will get pissed off about this, and then ten minutes later they’ll trot out the “women are stronger than men” nonsense, or the “women are more peaceful than men” junk, or the “women are more rational than men” myth.

We’re living in an ideologically matriarchal era. But that’s okay. As a mid-’30s guy, I’ve had just about enough of what women think or say to fill the rest of a lifetime.

At some point, men will lose patience once again and we’ll go back to the way the world once was.

Somehow we’ve all been convinced that the disagreements are about the ways we say things, the natures of the interactions, the things we do and don’t do and how we go about doing them, whether it’s appropriate or not, whether it’s sensitive or not, etc.

But that’s an ideologically bound move to begin with. The disagreement can’t be resolved simply by talking more softly, or more loudly, or by listening harder to the thunder when communication is in one direction by being as quiet in response as you can be when communication is in the other.

It’s time to stop being fooled into thinking that the problem is the presentation, that if you become a better rhetorician or more sensitive gender-neutral sort, everything will work out and everyone will be happy. What will happen is that all of your concerns and desires will be lost forever while you’re busy being nice and being patient. You’ll be complimented for utterly losing yourself.

And then you’ll die.

“Women are stronger than men?”

What shit. What a semantic game. According to what definition of “stronger?” Who gets to decide? What women are better at is being women. Much better.


I’m still a man. I’m not embarrassed by it, I don’t want to take it back or undo it, I don’t want a sex change operation, I have no interest in adopting or owning or finding my femininity.

I was raised by women, I have no problem with women being women. What I have a problem with is a world in which men are expected to be women and women think that the main cause of unhappiness in their lives is that more men aren’t more like women.

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