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Over the last couple of days  §

I’ve been really determined to try the “entrepreneur” thing again. After all, I have tons of knowledge and specialized web skills and I’m no idiot, and I’ve been writing professionally about things like custom manufacturing and selling for years now.

But every time I start to think about it (like today), I get really disgusted by the level of middlemanhood out there, and the level of deception. People are making a killing selling “master reselling rights” to public domain items. There are whole forests of fairly involved “objective review” websites that “rate” online sellers and their goods/services (usually a single individual and their middleman “business”), and of course a DNS query shows that dozens of these review sites, which invariably rave about one company and pan the rest, are actually registered and created by that very same person (with no mention of the fact, naturally). And of course the top watched lists on eBay are littered with piles of “how to get rich online” CDs containing poorly assembled, thin information; the sales pitches that sell them are clearly written by someone with no education and no skills except the skill to dupe others, and yet these things end up doing high volume and getting high attention and make their lazy, scheming, uneducated composers rich.

To make just a little extra money online the honest requires rather a lot of work. Volume will be low, and you never even sniff getting “rich.” And yet these other people are pulling in six or even seven figures with what to me seems like unethical huckstering and fraud, just because they’re willing to screw their fellow man (usually needy, financially hurting fellow man, in the case of many of these products) in order to line their own pockets.

The scum gets rich. The regular guy who just wants to do good work or produce and sell something of value gets nothing. Hard work and mostly poverty. Capitalism at its finest.

Capitalism at its finest.

Then I get discouraged and walk away and pop a beer and think maybe it’s time to go back to my academic work for the day, because I have absolutely no stomach for capitalism or for money.

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