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“Independence” = “Capitalism”

“Independent” = “Capitalist”

You cannot change what someone wants by telling them what they should want instead. You cannot change what someone wants by telling them they’re spending too much time wanting it.

By this time in life I think I’ve formed far fewer ties of any kind with other human beings than are normally formed by most people my age. In a way it’s too bad that the universe doesn’t offer tracking data on this sort of thing, because I’d be interested in seeing numbers.

People want to be understood.

No one on earth has ever been understood.

Two different people can ask the same thing, or even the same person can ask the same thing at two different times, and it can have such radically different meanings as to have life and death implications.

Context, nonverbal cues, and even subverbal cues are critical.

It seems as though this is an obvious thing to say, yet even though people will readily posit these things (well, most people—sane people—people who aren’t idiots), most people don’t actually imagine that it applies to them, nor do they put into any kind of practice the kernel of applicable truth that this knowledge represents.

When I was young I imagined adults to be knowledgeable and responsible. Now that I’m in my 30s, I realize that virtually all of them are spoiled children lying through their teeth and trying to have as much dessert as they possibly can.

Mostly they’re just greedy overconsumers with no clue that they’ll be dead someday not so far away.

They think that’s silly talk, that what’s not silly is cash, cash, cash and ass, ass, ass and toothy grins and posing, and that what’s not silly is to pursue these things to the exclusion of all else (except possibly Abercrombe goods) day in and day out, night in and night out (the last more common than the rest).

Global warming is fashion; extinction is theatre; war is mis-en-scène; reproduction is entertainment.

In another time and place I would have been a shaman or a monk. In this society I am just the bearer of “most certainly not true” bad news, and an insistent and incorrigible one at that.

All days now blend into one another. All sights now dim. All plans dissolve into signs and wonders, into heliography and hagiography.

I have become someone else yet again, and of course more similar to myself than ever before.

There will be rain once again in New York today.

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