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Healthcare, socialism, and why you’re wrong  §

Dear friends and family (all of you know who you are), you know your politics make me crazy, mainly because you’re so wrong and so factually lost it makes my teeth hurt. You have been lied to. You believe the world is flat. You believe that electricity is magic pixie dust and that cars run on angel power. You, yes you, are not clever enough to have figured it out.

Since I am tired of hearing you badmouth “Obamacare” and “socialism,” here is an article from Media Matters to make you feel stupid.


Please note that if Obama were actually a socialist, I would be overjoyed and my problems in life would be solved.

Do I look overjoyed?

Does it look as though my problems are solved?

Please stop sucking eggs and lemons. Please also wake up and smell the turpentine. Your opinions are based in froth, not fact, and you look vaguely stupid most of the time as a result.



P.S. I just want to add, for the “government never does things well” subgroup of you all, that you couldn’t sound more stupid.

Government does things incredibly well. It manages energy infrastructure, roads, emergency response, safety, and national defense. Through NASA and academic science programs, it is responsible for most of the technology we take for granted today.

It created and/or manages the internet, the electrical grid, the highway system, the water system, the library of congress system, the national state universities system, social security, medicare, and medicaid.

And with regard to the last two, these are excellent examples of government-run health care that are cheaper, faster, safer, better regulated, and that sustain better customer satisfaction than the private insurance plans of this country.

Who doesn’t do things well? Well, let’s see… Think about the major crises we’ve had in this country. The depression. The environmental crisis and pollution. The dot-com bubble. The subprime crisis. Enron. Exxon. And so on.

I’ll tell you who can’t do anything right. That would be private corporations and the free market, that’s who. Look at the record, you idiots, rather than listening to each other and to Rush in a giant circle jerk.

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