Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Walter Benjamin’s  §

Theses on the Philosophy of History may be the most profound thing ever written by human beings.

Don’t just be good, be bewilderingly amazing. Don’t just be qualified, be wildly overqualified. Don’t just be a match for anyone, be the one that embarrasses everyone. Bring an overwhelming display of force to every encounter. Always be better. Make it so you can . not . be . turned . down for any reason.

The semester is about to start again.

I think time is different for me than it is for most other people. My conceptual metaphysics is just a couple of degrees rotated relative to the norm. I don’t know whether the rotation is clockwise or counter-clockwise.

On a rainy day in the city, the motion of the public turns the entire world into a business exchange. On a sunny day in the city, the very same motion turns the entire world into a horde of tourists.

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