Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The word of the day is  §

“benighted,” as in “Americans are as a rule so terribly benighted that it makes my teeth cry out in mortal pain.”

After using Chromium for two days now in place of Firefox, I can honestly say that I hope to god the team gets together and implements the rest of this thing because it is a damn nice browser…but without printing, it’s also categorically the wrong browser for an academic.

Speaking of, the massive pile of texts that civilization has produced accumulates in rather the same way as ocean silt. I wonder how many press-printed/published titles (not individual books, but texts as such) there are laying about in ontological reality that not a single human soul has read during the last ten years. I wonder how many there are that didn’t even make it into any of the databases that emerged at the dawn of the posthypermodern era.

The number, on both fronts, is most surel massive.

That’s called one of forgotten knowledge, mind-numbing fiction, or fractalic concept-noise.

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