Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Rather soon,  §

the time for this personal blog may give way to a new time—a time for an exclusively professional blog.

I can’t quite decide yet just how this will work, but several things are clear:

– I’ve navel-gazingly blogged most of my adult life

– My writing on them, however, has become less readable (tolerable?)

– I am less and less inspired by them

– I am in dire need of a professional blog/website/something with dynamism

– But professional blogs cannot sound like personal blogs

And so it is that I keep contemplating putting an end to the “web diary” and opening up that most boring and insufferably grand of personal projects, the “research diary.”


But of course that’s the destiny of every career-oriented individual that hopes to make something of themselves someday; the reflexive, impulsive, sensory self must give way to the careful, judicious analytically induced self for whom “feelings” are euphemisms for biological states and socially constructed processes—the self incapable of speaking truth but only facts, incapable of acting truthfully but only methodically.

The self is, after all, the last great refuge of the antisocial and normatively pathological, and such things have no place in the lush-yet-sterile foliage of career pathways.

We’ll see.

But tonight, certainly, I’ve a hankerin’.

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