Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

There is no place in New York  §

in which to work.




No space, unless you happen to be very, very wealthy, a member of the Wall Street class. This is a great mechanism for maintaining economic inequality. Ensure that anyone not already part of the capital class is forever stuffed into tight, sweaty spaces listening to endless streaming music and jostled by shippers and deliverymen.

No chance that they’ll ever manage to become productive and do any work.

And the wealthy with the workspaces, the Internet access, the silence, and the lack of any distinctly insulting smell will be productive in blissful, spacious silence, apart from the crowd, making more money, more money, more money.

I don’t know what I want more: to destroy the capital class or to destroy the public that isn’t a part of it.

Call me a misanthropist. I’d like to get rid of everything but the kangaroo rats and the juniper trees.

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