Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Trying to “get organized”  §

is like trying to “develop super powers.” It certainly doesn’t come naturally and it has the whiff about it of not wanting to come at all. Still, I have the GTD book and have been reading and making notes. I also have an app with web sync that’s meant to help. Ania says this is all a part of my not-so-latent technophilia, but I honestly have felt swampedand bewildered this semester and would love to achieve some form of mastry.

I’ve always been a very “intuitive” organizer, but I upon further reflection I think what this has always meant was that any task not currently in the top two or three priorities in my mind was simply oven the finger and allowed to die. I’m not a natural multi-tasker, but that’s definitely what the moment calls for.

In other news, the semester is almost over. Where in hell’s name did it go? This moning I opned up the reading lists and found that there are really only three weeks of readings left. I know there’s a Thanksgiving holiday in here somewhere, but it’s absolutely shocking nonetheless. Given how intense the summer was, it’s shocking to realize that not only is the summer over, but the season that followed it is drawing to a closeas well.

Entire lost seasons: good sign that someone needs to increase organizational proclivities.

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