Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Work and digital technology are so  §

inseparable anymore that over the course of my entire lifetime as a thirty-something, I have only held a single job—my very first—that didn’t amount to sitting in front of a computer using software and networks.

I’ve been an administrative assistant, a salesperson, a designer, a consultant, a coder, a research analyst, an author, a managing editor, a fraud investigations officer, and now I’m working to become an academic. I’ve just spent seven hours working on various “tasks” and checking them off of my “to do list.”

Everything, all of it, the roles, the tasks, the task list, despite the different functions and titles and requirements and instances, was using software and networks and little, if anything at all, else.

I think I decided to become an academic simply because it grants me the luxury, rare in today’s world, of standing up for a while every now and then, away from the screen. It’s either that or go back to my first job on an appliance delivery crew if I want a little freedom from the screen.

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