Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

So evangelical christians  §

have once again hit cities and college campuses and are again handing out hundreds of thousands of copies of books like Darwin’s The Origin of Species that have been butchered (text rewritten to make it nonsensical, chapters or important sections of argument and evidence removed to make them seem frivolous and unbelievable, and so on).

No doubt the followers involved actually believe that these books are the actual texts, the genuine articles. They have thus made up their mind about topics like evolution or cosmology based on lies from their own leaders, without having understood or even seen the actual argument and research, and without realizing this fact, and are now out there doing their best on behalf of “God” to spread this misinformation as truth.

I suspect it is high time to start taking the “best” from the bible (you know, the violent bits, the anti-semitic bits, the bits about stoning and raping and so on) and printing only those parts, distributing these as “The Holy Bible” without comment around the world for free. We’d be one step nicer than these asshats and not add questionable chapters or including pamphlets that claim: “This pile of violent, sexist, racist, genocidal filth is the entire text of The Holy Bible, which religious people would have you believe. Never read it? Try to find one peaceful, nonviolent thing in it! There isn’t one!”

Sorry, religious family and friends but by weakening public faith in and willingness to support science, lots of your comrades may be condemning the human race to an early end. By holding tea parties and making bumper stickers with biblical or Nazi references, your comrades are contributing to the general milieu that makes interfaith terrorism possible. Yes, you, Christians, are the terrorists as well; your thought is analogically identical to that of Osama bin Laden.

But of course, for the tremendously religious, the early end of the human race and national warfare between ethnically different groups is actually somehow doctrinally comforting.

I don’t know what to do about people vis-a-vis religion. I am tired of hearing through email, SMS, and phone about the evils of Obama, the hoax-ness of global warming, the dangers of government social programs, the fakeness of evolution, the illegalness of immigrants and the wrong-directedness of “this country” and its purported descent “into communism” or “into Nazism” or other laughably stupid suggestions.

More and more, I feel guilty just having these conversations, trying to make rational arguments or have judiciously moderate exchanges. It’s exhausting. It’s offensive. And more to the point, it indicates that we occupy two different, completely fundamentally incompatible realities and goals.

I want my society to be: socialist, with nice, fat government (of, by, and for the people) programs to feed, clothe, provide health care and housing and regulation for and on behalf of the public; possessing a nice, fat environmental consciousness that does indeed forbid crazy religious and capitalist lunatics from trashing the entire planet, entire communities, or individual people in order to make points, make money, or make war against those that are not colored or cultured in the same way; heavily rational and instrumental and science-based with a general value-orientation toward human species survival and bodily quality of life so that the nonbodily quality of life issues can be pursued in independent ways by independent individuals.

This idea of a world scares some of you shitless. But so does your idea of a world scare me shitless. So I don’t know what to do.

Just, everybody, stop talking politics and religion with me at all. It’s not helping, and it’s going to push us all apart.

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